• PTAC210 HC-144 Program Announcement

    Digital Systems Engineering (DSE) is pleased to announce the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has selected the PTAC210 display system for its HC-144 Minotaur missionization effort.
    Learn About the Coast Guard HC-144 Missionization Initiative
    The HC-144 Ocean Sentry aircraft is a vital platform used by the USCG for today’s search-and-rescue and maritime patrol missions.
    Aboard the aircraft, the PTAC210
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  • 7 Reasons Why Selecting an AS9100-Registered Manufacturer Matters

    When selecting a potential supplier, repeatable quality matters.
    Whether as a buyer in search of the next tech-gadget, the family car, or a complex sub-component for a military jet—the product must perform.
    In the defense industry, and more specifically the aerospace sector, the quality management system (QMS) responsible for consistent organizational and product performance is called the AS9100 standard.
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  • Featured Article in Military Embedded Systems:

    DSE Explains Four Solutions to COTS Environmental Testing Concerns
    DSE is exceptionally proud to have a recent article, “COTS Technologies: Major Benefits for the Consumer, New Challenges for the Manufacturer,” featured in the renowned online magazine, Military Embedded Systems.
    Outlining concrete situational solutions to current environmental testing issues, DSE explains how the switch to COTS products can be beneficial
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  • The WF-12 WorkForce Display

    Digital Systems Engineering is proud to announce its latest product: the WF-12 WorkForce Display. Rugged displays are the standard monitor technology used in a multitude of industries, capable of enduring extreme temperatures and shock, as well as utilization in outdoor environments at any hour of the day.The new DSE WF-12 WorkForce display is the next level of rugged technology.
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  • DSE’s Rugged Display Used in Winning Model of the US Marines Amphibious Vehicle Competition

    In a competition by the US Marines, engineers and manufacturers participated in developing a new prototype for Assault Amphibious Vehicles, or AAVs. BAE Systems’ model won against three other manufacturers, resulting in a contract worth $103.7 million for the Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase of the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) 1.1 program.
    Digital Systems Engineering is proud to
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  • The Importance of User Interface in Ruggedized Military Displays

    Ruggedized Military Displays
    In the search for first-rate military displays, durability and strength tend to be among the chief concerns. The display is likely to be put through extreme wear, tear and abuse, so consequently it has to be capable of withstanding virtually anything that’s thrown at it. Ruggedized displays are the answer because they are designed to endure just
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  • Environmental Standards: Is Your Military Display Tough Enough?

    A high-quality military display is tough enough to withstand virtually anything the environment can throw at it. After all, it is intended for use in military applications, which typically involve extreme conditions. Unfortunately, not all displays are up to par in this regard.
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Environmental Standards: Is Your Military Display Tough Enough?