Custom Product Design and Manufacturing

The standard product line that DSE currently offers is the result of many years of engineering development mainly driven by requirements from OEM customers for custom products. All of the products that DSE offers are fully designed and manufactured by DSE in the USA. This fact allows us to control product life cycle and quickly achieve changes, modifications, additions and new combinations of existing components to quickly and cost effectively respond to custom product requirements. We take great care whenever engineering a new capability or component to make it modular in design and compatible with existing DSE components. This allows us to add new technology and capabilities to existing products and to quickly reconfigure modules to make new custom products.

The decision to develop a new product typically starts with a technical requirement that is significantly different than what is available as a standard off the shelf product. Some of the areas that we typically address are;

I/O configuration. DSE offers products with all of the most common inputs and outputs but in many cases a specific application will require a combination of industry standard inputs and outputs that is not offered on a standard product.

User interface. DSE offers multiple options for user interface such as programmable buttons, switches, knobs, joysticks and touchscreens. DSE has vast experience in custom configuration of user interface hardware, firmware and software to achieve complex application specific control sequences.

Physical Requirements. In many cases a product designed specifically for an OEM will require specified enclosure dimensions, materials and even color. Nonstandard mounting options, connector configuration, labels, silk screens and button graphics. DSE has a highly experienced and creative mechanical design team up to any challenge.

Environmental Requirements. DSE has a long and very successful history of designing custom products for extremely demanding applications that require high reliability in excessive temperature, shock and vibration environments.

When making the decision on whether or not a custom design product makes sense DSE will work with the client to understand the up-front cost for various product design choices. Other factors that must be addressed in order to make a well informed business decision involve cost to produce the product compared to the budgeted cost to acquire, anticipated volume, product life cycle, time to market along with potential advantages created by exclusive marketing rights and private label agreements.

DSE brings several very valuable advantages to the business relationship with any OEM that has a requirement for an application specific custom designed display / embedded processing product.

Design and Prototype Cost. DSE has been is the business of designing new and unique product based on customer defined requirement and specifications for almost 20 years now. We have a highly experienced engineering staff and most up to date design tool available. Because DSE does not seek to profit from design services and sees them as a required investment for future production. We offer the lowest design and prototype fees in the industry.

Time to Market. DSE not only draws on the experience of a well-diversified engineering staff, we have a vast array of existing component and proven designs that allow use to minimize the risk and expedite the first article prototype and validation test process. DSE offers our OEM clients an advantage over the completion by reducing the time to market for new products.

Supply chain management. DSE can offer their OEM clients the lowest possible production cost by leveraging the volume discounts and long term commitments developed with our qualified supply chain over many years of manufacturing quality ruggedized mobile products.

AS9100 Registered Quality System. DSE has an annually audited, registered aerospace level quality system which has been in place now for 7 years. We offer our OEM clients the highest possible quality processes and procedures to ensure that every product they receive from DSE exceeds their legitimate expectations.

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