DSE Design Process







Summary and Strengths – Throughout the design process, DSE works with the customer at all levels to ensure the requirements are known and executed. We help define and modify the product specification, outline the scope of work, generate and all-encompassing proposal, provide technical documents such as ICDs, drawings, and flowcharts, coordinate regular meetings (PDR, CDR, etc.), manage validation testing (in-house, 3rd party, etc.), and assist with integration solutions. In addition to these points, DSE brings new products to market much quicker than competitors.  All processes and documentation is strictly controlled through our AS9100 quality system. When off-the shelf systems don’t meet program requirements, customers look to DSE to design custom display systems. By leveraging years of experience in areas such as mechanical and electrical design, software programming, system level validation, environmental testing, and full rate manufacturing, DSE is positioned to bring the customer’s concept to production under a stringent AS9100 Quality Management System. DSE works with the customer to identify program objectives including product specifications, integration and system level conditions, program schedule, scope of work, and validation test requirements. Following these discussions DSE provides a detailed proposal outlining the recommended product, development effort, and general quotation matters such as price, lead time, terms, etc. In many instances a proposal is accompanied by a manufacturing/partnering agreement. The chart below outlines the process from contract award to production.

Product Design Process Outline

  • Identify customer’s need
    • Program overview including timing, basic product features, target price, etc.
    • Review performance specification
      • Identify scope of design effort
      • Submit specification compliance matrix for customer review
      • Discuss validation testing requirements
  • Submit proposal
    • Price
    • Lead time
    • Explanation of scope of work
    • Manufacturing agreement
  • Contract award
  • Submit statement of work
  • Customer approval
  • Submit program schedule
  • Preliminary engineering meeting
  • Submit mechanical prints
  • Customer approval
  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • Submit software flowcharts, labelling, ICD, graphics, QC checklists, etc., for customer approval
  • Component validation testing
    • Component First Article Inspection documentation
  • First article assembly
  • System level validation testing
    • In-house capabilities
    • Top level First Article Inspection documentation
    • Quality Control process
    • Certificate of Compliance
  • First article Shipment
  • Third party testing if applicable
  • Customer validation testing
  • Customer approval
  • Production readiness review
  • Production release
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