Food & Beverage

Plant, Grow, Harvest, Sort, Clean, Package, Serve

Whether on a seed planter in Iowa, in a Californian packing facility, or above a high-temperature grill in a restaurant kitchen, DSE products have their place within all of these important steps of the Food & Beverage industry. The products must survive continual 24/7 operation, steam cleaning wash downs, and the rigors of everyday use. Learn more about the DSE products helping the food service industry below.


Industrial Touch

  • High Definition LCD’s
  • Capacitive Touch Screens
  • Ethernet Interface, POE


  • Embedded Celeron® Processor
  • Resistive or Capacitive Touch scren
  • Ethernet Interface

AWM2 Series Rugged Display - Digital Systems Engineering

  • VGA and RS-170 Video Inputs
  • IP67 Sealed Enclosure
  • Touch Screen Options
  • Wide Range DC Input


  • Fully Sealed Computer System
  • i7 and Atom Based Processors
  • GPS, Cellular, Ethernet, Dual CANBus, WiFi Interfaces
  • Battery Backup Protection

DLX08 Series Rugged Display - Digital Systems Engineering

  • VGA Video Input
  • Resistive Hardened Touch Screen
  • Integrated Speaker
  • Wide Range DC Input


  • (8) Port Gigabit Ethernet ports, RS-232 and Power
  • MIPS CPU with DDR-2 Memory
  • DMA-based Frame Extraction, Performance Monitoring, Ethernet OAM


  • (3) RS170 Inputs, NTSC or PAL
  • (6) RS170 Outputs, (2) per Input
  • 28 VDC Power Input


  • High Definition LCDs, 1280 x 768 Resolution
  • (2) DVI-I Inputs (DVI-D and/or DVI-A)
  • Integrated USB Hub (5 Ports)


Need a Custom Solution?

Backward Compatibility? Unique Inputs/Outputs? EOL Issues?

With a modular design approach, the DSE engineering team is well positioned to modify our off-the-shelf products to meet your specification. By leveraging field-proven sub components, taking a proof of concept to production is quick, economical and low risk.

Learn more about DSE’s proven design process here.