Industrial Automation & Manufacturing

Today’s industrial facilities are largely controlled by automated technologies to help operations produce reliable, safe, and consistent products. Devices such as touch screen displays, network switches, and modular computer workstations allow stakeholders to monitor, control, and measure outputs at each stage of the process. These devices must not only be easy to use but also built to survive typical manufacturing environments. Learn more about DSE’s industrial product offerings below.


Industrial Touch

  • High Definition LCD’s
  • Capacitive Touch Screens
  • Ethernet Interface, POE

AWM2 Series Rugged Display - Digital Systems Engineering

  • VGA and RS-170 Video Inputs
  • IP67 Sealed Enclosure
  • Touch Screen Options
  • Wide Range DC Input


  • Fully Sealed Computer System
  • i7 and Atom Based Processors
  • GPS, Cellular, Ethernet, Dual CANBus, WiFi Interfaces
  • Battery Backup Protection


  • Embedded Celeron® Processor
  • Resistive or Capacitive Touch scren
  • Ethernet Interface


  • (8) Port Gigabit Ethernet ports, RS-232 and Power
  • MIPS CPU with DDR-2 Memory
  • DMA-based Frame Extraction, Performance Monitoring, Ethernet OAM


  • (2) Gigabit Ethernet Interface
  • 128GB Removable mSATA Drive
  • Optional 256GB, 512GB or 1TB Removable mSATA Drive
  • I/O Expansion Slots


  • (3) RS170 Inputs, NTSC or PAL
  • (6) RS170 Outputs, (2) per Input
  • 28 VDC Power Input


  • High Definition LCDs, 1280 x 768 Resolution
  • (2) DVI-I Inputs (DVI-D and/or DVI-A)
  • Integrated USB Hub (5 Ports)


Need a Custom Solution?

Backward Compatibility? Unique Inputs/Outputs? EOL Issues?

With a modular design approach, the DSE engineering team is well positioned to modify our off-the-shelf products to meet your specification. By leveraging field-proven sub components, taking a proof of concept to production is quick, economical and low risk.

Learn more about DSE’s proven design process here.