Retrofit Systems

Keep your field of vision clear with Digital Systems Engineering’s rugged and cutting-edge retrofit LCD display systems.

Whether you are replacing or upgrading, shopping commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products or in need of a custom design, DSE has the products, service and support for even the most complex specification and extreme environments

DSE Retrofit

Ever-improving technology invariably calls for equipment that is up-to-date and can handle the load, so replacement costs can be daunting. Fortunately, DSE offers retrofit services, which allow clients to utilize older, but still viable, equipment.

Backwards compatibility translates to big savings on money AND time. All DSE products are designed, or can be modified, to be compatible with preexisting equipment, including consoles, legacy systems, cabling, etc.

DSE Keeps Fleet ‘Veterans’ in Fighting Shape by:

  • Designing a product to utilize the existing cable set
  • Replacing outdated, bulky and inefficient CRT displays and CCFL backlit displays with state-of-the-art, rugged, high bright LED backlit LCD displays
  • Establishing higher signal quality and precise imagery using digital video inputs
  • Offering versatility, ensuring compatibility with new computers, cameras and software as well as old systems
  • Adding premium features supported by new technology, such as touch screens, NVIS capabilities, and programmable keys
  • Offering a wide range of the most durable, dependable COTS and custom products available

COTS Monitors and Displays

Our broad-based, top-grade commercial off-the-shelf product line has been designed for and field-proven for use in:

Military Operations (Land, Naval, Aerospace) – Exceptional technology, modularly constructed and resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight

Marine Conditions – Waterproof and sunlight readable with salt water resistant aluminum housing/screen and perfect for navigation, equipment monitoring and surveillance

Avionics – Rugged, sunlight readable, NVG compatible airborne mission displays offer maximum functionality with HD inputs, HD-SDI, multiple analog and digital video inputs, internal digital video recording and toggle multi-view functions

Industrial Applications – Heavy duty touch screen capable, sunlight readable LCD displays with hi-bright LED backlighting

CCTV/Broadcast – Tough, reliable surveillance video and rack mount LCD monitors for fixed or mobile installations offering advanced programmable button interfaces, internal digital video recording, advanced image processing and onscreen graphic overlays

Digital Systems Engineering’s COTS monitors and displays are cost-effective solutions designed to fit most clients’ needs out of the box, which can be fine tuned or enhanced with added features.

Custom OEM Monitors and Displays

DSE’s team of expert engineers are always at the ready to collaborate with clients whose needs are more specific.

DSE Custom Solution Advantages Include:

  • The ability to modify equipment to highly specialized mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements
  • A unique concept to production process that ensures a client’s vision is precisely executed and delivered
  • A highly skilled engineering team with the ability to conceptualize, prototype and bring your custom products to market on time and on budget
  • A ‘bring it’ mentality – DSE’s innovative professionals love a good challenge, so clients experiencing technological quandaries are greeted with particular enthusiasm

Working with a smaller company brings its own benefits:

– Our lower overhead translates to your lower cost
Faster development and manufacturing
– Ability to focus on smaller orders
– Personal, rapid response technical support and customer service

Digital Systems Engineering is a one-stop solution source for any and all types of ruggedized, interchangeable and mobile display/monitor applications. Our suppliers are hand-picked, recognized industry leaders in technological advances, expertise, reliability, and security.

Just tell us what you need and we will deliver the matchless engineering prowess, manufacturing capability, service and support you should expect from a company with an excellent 20-year track record.

Call or email us today for a free engineering review or to request a quote.

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