Customer Survey

We value your satisfaction and encourage honest, constructive feedback. With your answers to the following questions and your observations, we will continue to improve the diversity and quality of our products and services. Thank you in advance for the time spent to complete this short survey.

    Do DSE products meet your needs?
    Absolutely! Could not have sourced anything that would have better met our needsSpot-on with a tweakOKNo

    How responsive have we been to your questions or concerns?
    Prompt and thoroughGetting thereOKAn inquiry is not answered/resolvedNot applicable

    With regards to product delivery, how did we do?
    Exceeded expectationsAs committedPromptly communicated delaysDid not meet expectationsWhat delivery? Waiting…

    How would you rate our technical support including design modifications and product documentation?
    KnowledgeableGood enoughYou can do betterSub-parWhat support?

    How would you rate the quality of our products?
    ExceptionalHigh-gradeMediocreNeeds workInferior

    Overall, how satisfied are you with the experience you’ve had with DSE?
    Could not be more satisfiedWith minor tweaks, DSE nailed it (details below)OKLots of room for improvement (details below)Awful

    We welcome any additional observations or comments about your experience with DSE.

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