DSE Technical Support & Service Center

Our experienced technical support team quickly responds to customer needs by offering unmatched warranty and non-warranty product support through e-mail ( and phone consultations (480.515.1110). When a product requires further technical analysis, physical damage repairs, or is in need of conversion, maintenance, or upgrade, our qualified repair technicians are available at the DSE Service Center at our Scottsdale, Arizona headquarters.

Because rugged environments (chemicals, dust, liquids, extreme temperatures, shock and vibration) add undue stress to a product’s enclosure and integrated components, DSE recommends a periodic maintenance service package be run on units three (3) years and older. This package includes internal cleaning and inspection, followed by system analysis. The fee schedule is based on the product’s options, and is discounted when combined with other service center repairs on the same unit.

To start a service return or maintenance package, an RMA number must be requested. DSE will issue that number which will be associated with the unit throughout the RMA process. Include this RMA number on the outside of the shipping box, and all correspondence. Please complete the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Request Form online

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Return Materials Authorization (RMA) Request Form

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Return Material Authorization (RMA)
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The DSE Service Center offers warranty and non-warranty repairs, including maintenance service packages, conversions and upgrades. To start a service return, an RMA number must be requested.

RMA Request Form

Terms & Conditions, Warranty

Digital Systems Engineering (DSE) offers its products and services for sale under the following terms and conditions:

  • Any and all orders shall be accepted at the sole discretion of DSE
  • Any modification to these terms and conditions may only be made by DSE
  • Agreement to any modifications must be made in writing & signed off by all Parties of the sale prior to the acceptance of any order


DSE products are backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Extended warranties and special warranty programs are also available. Please contact a DSE Sales Specialist for information.

Download Terms and Conditions and Warranty

DSE Rugged Touch Screen Displays; Installation and Driver Downloads

A DSE display with touch screen capabilities requires specific installation steps as well as touch driver software that is specific to the system’s operating system (O/S).

New Touch Driver Installs:

  • Identify the O/S
  • Download the appropriate touch driver
  • Run set-up from the downloaded file
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Past Touch Driver Installs:

  • To prevent software conflicts, old touch drivers must be removed
  • Use that manufacturer’s uninstall software; reboot computer – DSE does not recommend using a generic uninstall software
  • Follow new touch driver Installs Process
  • Download the appropriate touch driver
  • Run set-up from the downloaded file
  • Follow on-screen instructions

Touch Screen Drivers and Instructions

Touch Driver for Windows 7, 8, 10 and XP

32-bit & 64-bit | RS-232 & USB

Touch Screen Installation User Guide

DSE Utility Downloads.

DSE programmable displays offer user definable bezel keys, allowing full control of external systems or a custom interface of internal display features (video processing, picture layout, user interface preferences, and navigation shortcuts.)

DSE Programmable Display

FHDRM, HDRM, PTAC, PSM Bezel Key Programming Utility

User Manuals

Please complete the following form to request a product user manual.

    Supply Chain Management

    DSE is committed to providing innovative products and solutions to meet and exceed customer expectations. We support this in building strong cooperative business relationships with our suppliers, emphasizing continual improvement, process cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery. Our Supplier Confidentiality Agreement explains this win-win partnership we expect with each hand-picked qualified supplier.

    We provide our strategic supply chain with several beneficial support documents. A Certificate of Compliance must be included in each Incoming shipment for every part number on the purchase order. These CoCs are the supplier’s assurance of the accuracy of the part number (PN), confirming the PN is made to exact specifications as per print supplied and is in compliance with purchase order (PO) requirements.

    The Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR) defines the SQAR references listed on our purchase order (PO) requirements. Our Supplier Notice of RMA Policy explains our expectations if there should be a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) request.

    Supplier Documents

    Letter to DSE Suppliers CoC, Packing Slip Requirements and Test Reports

    Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements (SQAR)

    Supplier Notice of Return Merchandise Authorization Policy (RMA)

    Supplier Confidentiality Agreement

    Customer Feedback

    We value your satisfaction and encourage honest constructive feedback. With your answers to the following questions and your observations, we will continue to improve the diversity and quality of our products and services. In advance, thank you for the time spent to complete this short survey.


    Need a Custom Solution?

    Backward Compatibility? Unique Inputs/Outputs? EOL Issues?

    With a modular design approach, the DSE engineering team is well positioned to modify our off-the-shelf products to meet your specification. By leveraging field-proven sub components, taking a proof of concept to production is quick, economical and low risk.

    Learn more about DSE’s proven design process here.