Industrial Fleets

The ever growing need to reduce workplace injury, operational costs, production inefficiencies, and communicate on a central platform has influenced cutting edge Industrial Fleets to implement intelligent electronic devices.

Today’s sophisticated fleets insist computers, touch screen displays, and man-machine controllers be modular to meet the latest functional requirements and DSE products are a perfect addition to all robust safety systems.


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    MIL-Spec Quality, Industrial Application

    With a background in developing MIL-Spec electronics for allied forces around the world, DSE designs its products to meet the most rigid environmental requirements. It is not uncommon for our displays and computers to have a mean time between failure (MTBF) of greater than 40,000 operational hours. If our electronics can survive on the battlefield, they’ll hold up in your industrial fleet.

    Design Flexibility and Customization

    As an engineering-centric organization, DSE is positioned to customize designs to enable backwards compatibility with legacy systems. As technologies mature, system refresh efforts are inevitable and DSE streamlines this process for its partners. Our ability to repurpose proven sub assemblies greatly reduces your development risk, lead time and cost.

    US-Owned, US-Built, US-Controlled

    The DSE design and production teams are located right here in America and with hundreds of years of engineering experience, no task is too tall. Our AS9100 Quality Management System is the organizational framework that demands excellence in engineering, product validation, production, and traceability.

    Meet the KODIAK rugged computer

    The Kodiak family of computers have proven their performance both in the lab and in the field with over 100,000 successful operating hours on haul trucks, fracking trucks and excavators.

    Industrial Products:


    Rugged Mission Computer


      • Fully sealed computer system
      • i7 and Atom based processors
      • GPS, cellular, Gigabit Ethernet, dual CANBus, WiFi interfaces
      • Battery backup protection


    Industrial Rugged Touch Screen

      • VGA video input
      • Resistive hardened touch screen
      • Integrated speaker
      • Wide range DC input


    All-Weather Monitor

      • VGA and RS-170 video inputs
      • IP67 sealed enclosure
      • Touch screen options
      • Wide range DC input


    HD Video and USB Hub


      • 1280 x 768 high-def resolution
      • (2) DVI-I inputs (DVI-D and/or DVI-A)
      • (5) integrated USB hub ports
      • RS-232/RS-422 or GenIcam™


    COM Express Type 10 Computer


      • (2) Gigabit Ethernet interface
      • Removable mSATA drive (128GB – 1TB)
      • I/O expansion slots


    Gigabit Ethernet Switch


      • (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports, RS-232 and Power
      • MIPS CPU with DDR-2 Memory
      • DMA-based Frame Extraction, Performance Monitoring, Ethernet OAM


    Video Distribution Hub


      • (3) RS170 Inputs, NTSC or PAL
      • (6) RS170 Outputs, (2) per Input
      • 28 VDC Power Input