Aerospace and Defense

In the defense world, electronics must operate every time. The mission is a demanding environment and the products supporting the task must be up for the challenge. For over 25 years, allied forces around the world have relied on DSE’s products to consistently deliver exceptional performance. From freezing temperatures to blowing sand and extreme shock to inconsistent voltage input, DSE products have the credentials to meet the objective.


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    Situational Awareness


    Aerial Surveillance

    Driver Enhancement

    Battle Management Systems

    Vehicle Diagnostics

    Dependable performance when it matters most

    DSE products can be found aboard a variety of allied vehicle platforms worldwide. Advanced video and computing features deliver real-time information to war fighters to ensure mission safety and excellence. From monitoring to reviewing, controlling and engaging, DSE products can be found at the center of battlefield management.

    DSE is honored to support the following high profile programs:

    Stryker, THAAD, Blackhawk, B-1, B-52, MMPV, MRAP, NGCV, ACV, AAV, C-130, M-ATV, LAV, M1A1

    Field tested,
    lab verified

    Qualification of MIL-Spec products is no easy feat. DSE products have not only been tested in the field, but also in laboratories to standards including MIL-STD 810, 1275, 461, and 704. With a proven track record of successful qualification programs, DSE has amassed invaluable experience designing products to pass the most stringent of environmental conditions.

    Custom solutions from specification to production

    As a design-build manufacturer, we’re passionate about bringing our customers’ unique product needs to life. From defining product features and user interfaces, to designing, testing and integrating, the DSE team can  deliver end-to-end product development for the defense industry. Our decades of experience building rugged electronics and access to mature sub-assemblies significantly reduces development risk and time to market.


    Advanced technology for the modern MIL-Spec fleet

    Cutting-edge technology is essential to today’s defense customer, which is why DSE products include full high definition displays, Quad Core processors, digital video recording, video graphic processing and remote control/command. Advancements in the electronics industry mandates that all rugged systems on-board be equally as progressive.

    Meet the FHDRM rugged display

    As a powerhouse of MIL-Spec design and operational performance, the FHDRM rugged display delivers impressive optical capabilities and diverse I/Os to ensure mission success. 

    Aerospace and Defense Products:


    Full High Definition Rugged Monitor

      • 1920 x 1080 full high-def resolution
      • Digital and analog video inputs
      • MIL-STD design
      • Programmable bezel keys


    Display Control Modules

      • Driver’s vision enhancement ICD compliant
      • A-kit and B-kit backward compatible
      • Enhanced input and control options


    Programmable Tactical Awareness Controller

      • Programmable communication protocol and bezel keys
      • DVI/VGA (2) and composite RS170 video inputs
      • Touch screen and NVIS options


    MIL-SPEC Monitor Series II

      • MIL-STDs 810, 461 and 1275
      • VGA, DVI, and composite RS170 video inputs
      • Touch screen and NVIS options


    High Definition Rugged Monitor

      • 1280 x 768 high-def resolution
      • MIL-STDs 810, 461, and 704 
      • HDMI, HD-SDI, DVI, & analog inputs
      • Programmable bezel keys


    Rugged Mission Computer


      • Fully sealed computer system
      • i7 and Atom based processors
      • GPS, cellular, Gigabit Ethernet, dual CANBus, WiFi interfaces
      • Battery backup protection


    COM Express Type 10 Computer


      • (2) Gigabit Ethernet interface
      • Removable mSATA drive (128GB – 1TB)
      • I/O expansion slots


    Programmable Surveillance Monitor

      • Embedded Digital Video Recorder
      • (20) tactile programmable buttons
      • PIP/POP/quad screen viewing capable
      • (1) USB connector download port


    Video Distribution Hub


      • (3) RS170 Inputs, NTSC or PAL
      • (6) RS170 Outputs, (2) per Input
      • 28 VDC Power Input


    Gigabit Ethernet Switch


      • (8) Gigabit Ethernet ports, RS-232 and Power
      • MIPS CPU with DDR-2 Memory
      • DMA-based Frame Extraction, Performance Monitoring, Ethernet OAM


    Programmable Surveillance Monitor CANBus Series

      • Embedded Digital Video Recorder
      • (20) tactile programmable buttons
      • CANBus or RS-422 (user-selectable)


    Victory Thin Client Display

      • Embedded Quad Core processor
      • 10/100/1G Ethernet (GigE Vision)
      • (20) programmable bezel keys
      • RS-232/RS-422 or GenIcam™


    High Definition Rackmount LCD Monitors

      • Fits standard 19” rack
      • HDMI, HD-SDI, DVI, RS170 inputs
      • Single or dual display configurations


    1080p High-Def Rugged Monitor and DVR Series

      • High-definition (1080p) video
      • Gigabit Ethernet
      • Smart DVR with removable drive


    Rugged Ergonomic Display Interface Controller

      • MCOTS handheld display and controller
      • Custom programmable controls
      • Dynamic graphic overlay features