Industrial LCD Displays

DSE engineers industrial lcd displays and rackmount lcd monitors for industrial applications offering LED backlit screens ranging from of 8.4″ -17.5″ TFT AM LCD sizes. DSE’s sunlight readable flat panel monitors include anti-reflective and anti-glare surface treatments, improved contrast ratios, and very wide viewing angles. IP67/NEMA 6 sealed aluminum enclosures, various mounting options, flexible video inputs (RGB, DVI, HDMI, NTSC/PAL, and LVDS) allow DSE displays to integrate into any industrial system.

IP67/NEMA 6 Marine Displays

DSE combines unmatched quality and durability into waterproof sunlight readable monitors, offering protection against fresh and salt-water environments for survivability in maritime operations. Wide viewing angles, LED backlit ruggedized displays are available in lcd screen sizes from 8.4″ -15.0″. IP67/NEMA 6 sealed aluminum enclosures with IP68 industry standard sealed connectors provide various installation options.  DSE rugged monitors provide a 3000:1 dimming ratio accommodating 24-hour operation.  Viewing options include multi-channel windowing functions and inputs.

Rugged Military Monitors and Vetronics

DSE designs highly reliable military LCD monitors ranging in size from 6.5″ – 17.5″ for use in land, air and sea applications. Rugged mil spec displays are field-proven and readily deployable for mission critical military installations. DSE’s ruggedized monitors are designed, tested and qualified to key military specifications (MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD-810 and
MIL-STD-1275). Rugged HD monitors and advanced video image processing technology options are available for enhanced situational awareness operations (up to 1080p HD video, DVR, multi-channel windowing, on-screen graphic overlays, programmable button interface).

Rugged CCTV and Broadcast Displays

DSE incorporates forward-looking video tools in rugged video displays, providing reliable high-quality real-time viewing for CCTV and broadcast applications. Offering rugged high definition monitors,rugged rackmount lcd monitors, advanced multi-channel windowing, digital video recording (DVR), advanced image processing and on-screen graphic overlays, end users in the air, on land, and sea are provided with a flexible video monitoring platform.


DSE incorporates forward-looking video tools in rugged video 8.4″ -15.0″displays. Delivering features including best-in-class HD video, innovative multi-channel windowing, integrated DVR (recording, playback, secure erase), advanced image processing and on-screen graphic overlays, the rugged avionic display provides reliable information in real-time on a single screen during critical airborne missions.

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