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DSE Explains Four Solutions to COTS Environmental Testing Concerns

DSE is exceptionally proud to have a recent article, “COTS Technologies: Major Benefits for the Consumer, New Challenges for the Manufacturer,” featured in the renowned online magazine, Military Embedded Systems.  Outlining concrete situational solutions to current environmental testing issues, DSE explains how the switch to COTS products can be beneficial for the consumer as well as the manufacturer—proving yet again to be thought leaders in the field of engineering and manufacturing.

An Overview: The Benefits and Issues Concerning COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) Systems

DSE’s featured article first discusses the benefits and concerns regarding COTS systems. Compared to custom designed electronics, COTS systems are popular in the defense industry for reducing or eliminating:•   Non-recurring engineering (NRE) •   Unit costs •   Development cycle time •   Production lead times The problem? Typically, COTS electronics are designed for a wide range of industries. Because of this issue, most COTS products are not pre-qualified and each application requires a different set of standards. Yet, increasing demand is making commercial off the shelf (COTS) technologies the new industry standard. In short: military environmental testing is different than the standards required in other industries. For many manufacturers, the financial implication of testing all products to the full gamut of certifications are unrealistic—and can cost upwards of $100,000. Do these issues beg the questions:•   Are third party validation tests required for COTS systems? •   Who is responsible for managing and funding these tests? •   Can tests on similar products be analyzed and deemed relevant in lieu of test reports, i.e. meets by similarity? •   Can components of the finished product be analyzed to forgo testing?

DSE’s Solution: Explained in Detail

Considering these imperative questions and concerns, DSE outlines four situational solutions that can simplify the validation issue and help to determine the appropriate qualification method:

  1. Meets by Design
  2. Meets by Analysis
  3. Meets by Similarity
  4. Third Party Test

Find out what these solutions are in the article, here.

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