Rugged Redefined


At DSE we design and manufacture products to exceed operational demands in all types of rugged environments. Our systems can be found in the deserts of the Middle East, northern reaches of the Arctic Circle, tropical jungles, on riverine craft, in 24/7 mining trucks, aboard missile launchers, and at 40,000ft above sea level. Each and every one of these applications presents its own set of unique environmental requirements. The product must be designed with these factors in mind at the forefront of development and validated throughout the life cycle. DSE has a tremendous amount of experience with fully validating systems at certified 3rd party laboratories and incorporates these subassembly learnings into all the products we build.

Environmental Standards

By using the stringent criteria outlined in standards such as MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461, DO-160, MIL-STD 704, MIL-STD 1275, etc., as a guideline, our products have been built and tested for the following extreme conditions.

  • Shock
  • Low Temperature (-40°)
  • EMI
  • Fungus
  • Salt Fog
  • Radiated Emissions
  • Dust
  • Solar Radiation
  • Abnormal Power
  • Crash Safety
  • Rain
  • Humidity
  • Altitude
  • Voltage Spikes
  • Acceleration
  • Voltage Transients
  • High Temperature (70°C)
  • Rapid Decompression
  • Voltage Dropout
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Vibration
  • Impact
  • Water Immersion
  • Explosive Atmosphere
  • NBC Chemicals
  • Conducted Susceptibility
  • Reverse Polarity
  • Lightning Strike


DSE’s facility is equipped with a number of ESS machines to validate components, sub-assemblies, and fully integrated systems. Regularly our engineering staff can be found huddled around these chambers recording results.

Aside from in-house validation testing, our staff routinely manages 3rd party testing at certified laboratories. These formal and extensive tests are generally specified and required by our OEM and Defense clientele.

Redefining Rugged

While not all customers demand this level of compliance, we adopt proven design philosophies and manufacturing techniques throughout all product lines to ensure they are all over-engineered. Examples include sealing techniques, subassembly mounting provisions, component selection, acceptance benchmarks, periodic submersion tests, and extended ESS profiles. No matter the product application, customers can be assured the products will endure.

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