US Marines Amphibious Vehicle Competition: DSE’s Rugged Display and Video Distribution Hub Used in BAE Systems model

Scottsdale, Arizona: Digital Systems Engineering is proud to be the featured rugged display and video distribution system in BAE Systems’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) 1.1 offering. In a competition by the US Marine Corps, defense contractors developed new prototypes to replace the Assault Amphibious Vehicles. BAE Systems’ model was down-selected as one of two contractors that are competing for the Engineering, Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase of the ACV 1.1 program, resulting in a contract worth $103.8 million. DSE was chosen for their ability to modify an existing COTS (commercially available off the shelf) product quickly and cost effectively. The standard MSM212VR product was redesigned to incorporate nickel-zinc coated connectors in place of cadmium plated versions. Additionally, DSE designed and manufactured a custom video distribution product (VH3) without impacting the program schedule. The amphibious vehicle delivers substantial capability improvements that not only satisfy the Marine Corps’ current needs but also meets any future goals and potential challenges. DSE’s rugged MSM212VR MIL-Spec display and newly designed video distribution hub (VH3) will maintain the offering’s high standard of technology, durability and efficiency in the vehicle prototype. Each EMD vehicle will be outfitted with two displays and a video hub to bring situational awareness to each of the crew members aboard.  Both of these COTS products can be found on DSE’s website at

About Digital Systems Engineering (DSE):

Digital Systems Engineering (DSE) offers custom design, engineering and manufacturing of rugged mobile mil spec and industrial flat-panel LCD displays and computers for multiple markets—primarily the military, security and industrial. Since 1995, as a privately held U.S.-owned small business (FAR 19.102), DSE has achieved a worldwide reputation for excellence in the design and manufacture of leading edge, technology driven display and computer products. Learn more about DSE at