Build Your Own Rugged Display

Choose product features and design your own rugged display by leveraging DSE’s proven, yet flexible, COTS and custom solutions

 Today DSE is launching a new tool to help configure a rugged display by matching your program needs to its catalog of customizable display systems. This new tool enables users to select requirements such as video inputs/outputs, display size and resolution, in addition to choosing from additional interface features like bezel keys, touch screen and more.  

Once a user submits their requirements, a DSE rugged display variant is recommended to meet these specifications. Try it out for yourself by visiting the Build Your Own Rugged Display module. 


A History of Engineering Rugged Displays

Rugged displays are at the core of DSE’s organization. For nearly three decades, DSE has been trusted to develop high-performing, dependable electronics for rugged applications ranging from amphibious military vehicles to crop planters, excavators and rescue helicopters. Throughout this time, DSE has not only perfected its rugged displays, but has also engineered a deep catalog of products with an even wider set of unique configurations.  

DSE’s engineering competency, combined with an approach that allows program opportunities to drive technology and product development, has resulted in over 500 unique product configurations. Today, DSE continues to leverage this extensive family of products to meet the custom needs of our partners, while also designing, building and manufacturing new, next-generation solutions.

Through leveraging proven hardware and software subcomponents, DSE is able to quickly produce new, specialized display systems while reducing development time and costs for our customers. This ability to leverage proven components not only reduces lead times but also technical risk. Learn more about our development process here.