The Typhon Rugged Display

Big things are coming this summer at DSE, with the launch of our all-new, next-generation system. Keep reading below to take the first look at the Typhon rugged display.


Three Times the Awareness

At first glance, it’s evident that the Typhon is a unique addition to the DSE line of rugged displays. Its hard anodized enclosure includes not one, but three high-definition screens in one fully-sealed, contained system. A series of bezel keys line the middle screen, allowing users to take full command of programmable actions.  And, with full high-definition capabilities, modern military fleets can take advantage of quality, high-speed digital video.


Engineered for the Battlefield

The Typhon was born out of a real-world need for enhanced situational awareness in driver’s stations on an armored vehicle.  With 9 unique video inputs and on-board CANBus communications systems, the Typhon provides drivers with ample information to ensure mission success, and most importantly—safety.  Depending on the installation, the Typhon display system can deliver up to 360° awareness to a driver, commander or the crew.  Integration with the existing vehicle communication network is made seamless with programmatic CANBus and RS-232 flexibility.  

The Typhon display was made possible by DSE’s ability to design, build and engineer custom solutions from concept to production—leveraging an extensive line of rugged products and a team of expert engineers. While engineered for a specific use case, the Typhon will join DSE’s family of rugged displays designed for aerospace and defense applications.  Built with the same attention to MIL-STDs, the Typhon will survive the harshest of applications.


Coming Soon

The Typhon is an exciting new development for 2022, a year in which DSE has also announced several product launches, including the VH4 Video Hub and the FHDRM 24” rugged display. The Typhon is expected to be available this summer, and if you would like to learn more, you can request information by providing your email below or by contacting our team directly.

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