June Product Spotlight: FHDRM Rugged Screen

Join us for the first installment in our series of regular product spotlights, where we’ll dive deeper to give our readers a look at the functionality and real-world application of our signature rugged electronics.

Designing the Next Generation MIL-SPEC Display 

The next generation of MIL-SPEC systems demand not only a strict consistency in operational performance, but also product features built to ensure the success of each mission. Within the aerospace and defense industries, the role of consistent performance cannot be understated, especially in tough environments where reliability is often put to the test.  

As a key partner to the aerospace and defense industries, Digital Systems Engineering has spent the last 25 years designing and manufacturing solutions built to withstand demanding environments, while exploring ways to innovate upon product features and optimize operations. 

 In pursuit of creating the next generation rugged displays, DSE designed the FHDRM series to deliver powerful optical performance and full reliability. 

The FHDRM Rugged Display

Key features and specifications
With a 1920×1080 LCD screen, the Full High Definition Rugged Monitor (FHDRM) offers impressive display capabilities, including 1080p resolution, high brightness backlight and both anti-reflective and anti-glare treatments that ensure sunlight readability. 

Beyond designing for optical performance, footprint was a crucial factor that DSE considered when developing the FHDRM. In order to serve a variety of applications and constrained spaces, the FHDRM was designed with an ultra-thin form factor and five LCD sizes ranging from 7.0” to 17.3”. And, with three available mounting options– panel, RAM and VESA (75mm) – integration within any rugged system is possible. 

To allow for further user customization, the FHDRM rugged display was outfitted with programmable bezel soft keys. Its 15 programmable buttons allow control of external systems or a custom interface, including video processing, picture layout, user interface preferences, and navigation shortcuts. DSE’s bezel soft keys are a favorite among our partners, and we are always thrilled to hear use cases and implementations from the field. 

Finally, the FHDRM wouldn’t be a signature DSE product without its rugged MIL-SPEC design. With a dedication to rugged design at its core, DSE ensures that all of its products, including the FHDRM are built and tested for extreme conditions. The FHDRM products are designed with decades of engineering experience to pass the rigorous requirements found in MIL-STD-810, 461, 704, and 1275. Not only are routine validation measures in place at DSE, several FHDRM and similar products have been fully validated by certified 3rd party laboratories.

As a powerhouse of rugged design and operational performance, the FHDRM is a unique COTS solution that lends itself to applications throughout the aerospace and defense industries including: C4ISR, situational awareness, driver’s vision enhancement, battlefield management and sensor control on platforms such as Stryker, Combat Helicopters, Surveillance Fixed Wing Aircraft, and Next Generation Fighting Vehicles.

Later this month, we will be sharing the results from a recent third-party laboratory test, where the FHDRM was put through a series of checks and procedures to validate its performance. If you would like to learn more about the FHDRM, or any of our rugged displays and solutions, contact sales@digitalsys.com to speak with a member of our team.