Introducing FHDRM 24″

Digital Systems Engineering is excited to announce the latest configuration in the widely-fielded FHDRM line of high-definition rugged displays—the FHDRM 24”.

Not only is the FHDRM 24” DSE’s largest rugged display, but it also leverages the same advanced features and performance that has made the FHDRM one of DSE’s signature product lines for aerospace and defense applications. The same milled aluminum enclosure, IP67 rating, programmable bezel keys and Picture-In-Picture modes that have become staples among many DSE products, remain present in this latest configuration.

The FHDRM 24” was first conceived after DSE was contracted to modify the existing FHDRM product by incorporating a supersized 24” 1920 x 1200 high bright LCD and digital video inputs and outputs. This next generation, large format MIL-Spec display will be deployed as a secondary flight system in a fixed wing interagency surveillance aircraft. Through the FHDRM’s delivery of high-resolution imagery, the crew aboard will easily detect and intercept national threats. FHDRM’s high-speed processing will also ensure low latency performance during these critical missions.

This type of C4ISR application will not be the first for the FHDRM—in fact, the product line has lent itself to uses throughout the aerospace and defense industry, including: situational awareness, driver’s vision enhancement, battlefield management and sensor control on platforms such as Stryker, Combat Helicopters, Surveillance Fixed Wing Aircraft, and Next Generation Fighting Vehicles.

With over 25 years of experience designing and building MIL-Spec rugged displays, DSE has engineered the FHDRM not only to withstand extreme environmental conditions, but also to pass the rigorous requirements found in MIL-STD-810, 461, 704, and 1275. Just last year, FHDRM was put to the test in a series of third-party validation tests, where the rugged display proved its durability during procedures assessing rapid decompression, altitude, vibration and more.

Ultimately, FHDRM 24” highlights DSE’s passion for developing custom solutions based on our clients’ defined specifications. As an experienced design-build manufacturer with dozens of product lines consisting of over 100 COTS configurations, DSE has built a reputation of taking custom products from specification to production.

To learn more about the FHDRM 24”, DSE’s rugged displays or any of our custom products, contact our team directly at To stay up to date on future product launches, follow Digital Systems Engineering on LinkedIn.