Programmable Tactical Awareness Controller

The PTAC2 rugged displays command and control on-board vehicle systems such as sensors and mission computers through a programmable set of bezel keys. Video inputs (DVI, RS170 and VGA) and multiple mounting options allow for easy integration within any rugged, MIL-Spec platform. The PTAC2 series is available in four sizes.

Technical Specifications

Display Sizes 8.4”, 10.4”, 12.1”, and 15″
LCD Resolution SVGA and XGA
Video Inputs DVI, RS170, and VGA
User Interface RS-232, RS-422, and USB
Options Touch Screen, NVIS Compatibility, Custom On-Screen Menus
Power Input 10-36VDC
Standards MIL-STD 810, MIL-STD 461, MIL-STD 1275, IP67
*Contact DSE to learn more
**Specifications may change depending on size and configuration. See data sheet for specific details.

Diverse Digital & Analog Interfaces

Programmable Bezel Keys

15 buttons can be programmed to send familiar commands to legacy on-board devices. 

Graphic Overlays

Bezel key designators may be programmed as needed for the application.


Customizable User Preference

Control start-up, video, and view mode settings or remotely command the display’s behavior (power, brightness, etc.)

Field Tested MIL-Spec Design



Decades of experience designing and building rugged electronics to meet the stringent requirements of EMI-461 come together in the FHDRM.

MIL-STD 1275

Never worry about managing dropout, spikes, transients, or over voltage with the FHDRM’s wide range internal power supply.


Fully Sealed

Bring on water, sand, dust, grease, and chemicals!  The FHDRM series is protected to the IP67 standard for ingress of foreign substances

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