DSE releases powerful, configurable HD-SDI video switch for rugged defense applications

DSE releases powerful, configurable HD-SDI video switch for rugged defense applications

Scottsdale Ariz., (July 21, 2021)— Digital Systems Engineering (DSE) today announced the release of the VH4, the manufacturer’s new high-definition SDI video switch for rugged defense applications. This latest next generation video hub delivers powerful processing capabilities, user programmable settings and a miniature footprint ideal for the defense industry.

As HD technology has developed and the demand for video clarity, distance and resolution has increased, the ever-pressing need to manage multiple sensors has become increasingly difficult. The VH4 simplifies this challenge by broadcasting sensor video and allowing users to designate where in the vehicle each sensor is routed. Situational awareness on the battlefield during surveillance operations and reconnaissance missions is a key tactical advantage for any fleet and the VH4 not only distributes all video data to the crew but also allows for the simple selection of how the data is shared. Crew members can view four simultaneous video inputs, Picture-in-Picture or a single processed signal depending on their mission task. Command of the network-centric VH4 processor is straightforward with commonly adopted protocols, such as dual CANBus and RS-422.

“DSE is thrilled to announce the addition of the VH4 to our portfolio of rugged electronics,” said Ross Hudman, DSE Sales and Marketing Manager, “The VH4 was developed by leveraging decades of experience designing and building rugged products for defense applications. Its release reinforces DSE’s full system approach to developing displays, mission computers, DVRs and smart displays that work together with the purpose of delivering performance and reliability on the battlefield.”

The VH4 video processing hub allows system integrators to easily incorporate multiple sensors and reduce costs and complexity by eliminating unnecessary cables, connectors and converters. Weighing less than one pound and with a footprint of 5” x 5” x 1”, the VH4 accommodates flexible installations.

  • Video Inputs/Outputs: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI
  • Protocols: SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-274M, SMPTE-296M
  • Resolutions: VGA (640 x 480) up to FHD (1920 x 1080)
  • Picture Modes: Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture, Quad View
  • Communications: Dual CANBus, RS-422, USB
  • Enclosure: IP67 Sealed Milled Aluminum
  • Designed to meet MIL-STDs: 810, 461, 1275

A full product data sheet and technical drawings can be requested by visiting: https://www.digitalsys.com/vh4-video-switch/ or by contacting info@digitalsys.com.

About Digital Systems Engineering (DSE)

Founded in 1995, Digital Systems Engineering, Inc. (DSE) is a leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of rugged military displays and industrial grade computers. DSE’s expert team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers provide customized design and manufacturing services to military forces, prime contractors and commercial sectors worldwide. DSE is an ISO9001/AS9100 registered company and qualifies as a US-owned, small business. Learn more by visiting DSE at: https://www.digitalsys.com

Rugged Electronics built for the mining industry

Rugged Electronics built for the mining industry

Of all the extreme environments that DSE rugged electronics have faced—from subzero Arctic tundras to 25,000ft above sea level, or even arid deserts of the middle east—one landscape that demands operational performance and strict reliability in the face of tough conditions is the mining site.   

In our 25 years building and designing rugged electronics, DSE has developed MIL-Spec displays, mission computers and various other electronic devices for allied forces around the globe. These same electronics, built to comply with our nation’s most stringent environmental standards, can be found in mines around the globe, delivering the same consistent, lasting performance for mining loaders, haul trucks, shovels and more. 


The KODIAK Rugged Computer

One of the unique challenges faced by rugged electronics in mining applications is their ability to not only deliver reliable performance under environmental stressors, but also to do so while operating 24/7. 

The KODIAK series of rugged computers has emerged as one of DSE’s signature products, combining our background in rugged engineering with cutting-edge technology. Notably, the KODIAK has recently accumulated over 100,000 successful hours of 24/7 operation in the field. 

From the outset, the KODIAK’s fully-sealed enclosure prevents ingress of water or dust. A peak underneath its hard anodized aluminum body reveals impressive computing power, including the ability to leverage the latest QuadCore™  7th Generation Intel® i7 processors (or even Atom® and ARM based processors depending on your needs). Designed with modern fleets in mind, the KODIAK also includes a wealth of onboard systems including long range 802.11 dual WiFi, 72-channel GNSS and Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, customizable features including battery backup, Dual CANBus and cellular connectivity, ensure that KODIAK is the perfect all-in-one system in a variety of applications within a mining fleet.


The DLX Rugged Touchscreen 

Choosing the right rugged electronics for your programs shouldn’t be a matter of selecting durability over functionality. The DLX industrial rugged touch screen is evidence you can have modern features while still guaranteeing products will withstand environmental hazards. 

Often found on fracking trucks, haul trucks, excavators and cranes, the DLX has delivered impressive performance in the field, facing extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and debris. The DLX’s fully sealed hard anodized milled aluminum enclosure protects a durable resistive touch screen that allows users to configure data analysis and collection. This hardened screen was developed for mining applications offering readability in harsh sunlight, durability against debris and accuracy with a lifespan exceeding one million actuations. 

Together the KODIAK industrial computer and DLX rugged touchscreen pair to offer today’s industrial fleets a modern all-in-one system that can endure harsh environments and operating standards without sacrificing performance. 


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